Happy 2018!

Happy 2018 everyone!  I apologize for my absence, I've been working on the second book and trying to level up my author skills.  I'd like to learn how to edit videos so I can do some more video blogs and interviews with other authors.  It's a long arduous process but so worth it in the [...]


If you are not a part of my newsletter then you missed the 9:30 cover reveal this morning.  If you'd like to be the first to receive news and updates on the upcoming release of Demon, Interrupted please sign up here.  Below is the BEAUTIFUL cover for Demon, Interrupted.  Enjoy!

On the importance of immersion

A recent FB post by Karen Moning struck a chord so much with me that I find myself blogging about something she said now.  Excerpt from her post.."My creativity comes from two things: Joy and Immersion. Joy I usually manage to hold onto even at the darkest times because I fundamentally love being alive. Immersion [...]

Why I hate blogging

I will get over my introverted self and begin blogging.  It seems no one would want to know what rattles around in my head and maybe that's true.  But what if it's not? What if all of you are waiting out there in the ether of the internet ready to hang on my every word? [...]