Travel, Pitches, and Friday the 13th

Good Morning Blog!  I have been traveling like crazy lately.  My most recent trip was to Washington DC to help advocate for need-based aid in Higher Education.  Alabama has little to no student need-based aid so Federal Financial Aid becomes the de-facto state student aid.  I'm in a group of higher education leaders that have been [...]

Sh*t is about to get serious

For anyone who has seen my "process" of writing, they know when the paper goes up on the wall, things are getting serious.  Book one consisted of an entire wall in my guest bedroom covered in color-coordinated post-it notes.  Book two has taken a different turn. It has been moved into the Master Bedroom (as [...]

Post Spring Break

Good April everyone!  I am back from a week's spring break in sunny Florida.  I got to drive a Craig Cat, Tour the Everglades, and Parasail! It was an adventure packed vacation.  I didn't write or market or blog or do any type of author activity.  It was glorious and terrible at the same time.  [...]

Magic Mailing List

When I first started out, growing my mailing list was like running uphill in molasses.  It was hard, slow-going, and exhausting.  I participated in promotions, created some of my own, and even hired a few paid services to get my mailing list and newsletter out there. For some strange reason for the past month, it's [...]

Bad author! Bad!

Flaying myself a bit today for being a bad author. I seem to only be able to handle outreach OR writing but not both.  I really enjoy interacting with fans, whether it's in direct conversation or even seeing someone laugh at a Facebook post I did.  This blog is just a spouting of my random [...]

Happy 2018!

Happy 2018 everyone!  I apologize for my absence, I've been working on the second book and trying to level up my author skills.  I'd like to learn how to edit videos so I can do some more video blogs and interviews with other authors.  It's a long arduous process but so worth it in the [...]