Travel, Pitches, and Friday the 13th

Good Morning Blog!  I have been traveling like crazy lately.  My most recent trip was to Washington DC to help advocate for need-based aid in Higher Education.  Alabama has little to no student need-based aid so Federal Financial Aid becomes the de-facto state student aid.  I’m in a group of higher education leaders that have been together for about seven months, we have been educating ourselves as well as polishing our “pitches” to representatives.   I was amazed how close pitching for advocacy work is to pitching a book idea to an agent or an editor.  I guess the underlying goal is the same.  Make what you have to say interesting and worthy of investment to the other party.  Be quick, be to the point, and hook them right in.  Leave them wanting more and coming to you to get it.

A big part of our advocacy work was letting the representatives know that if they wanted more information about anything to do with Higher Education that they could rely on us to provide it to them.  Even the follow-up procedures are similar, thanking them for their time, being sure to personalize everything every step of the way in lieu of relying on an impersonal form letter.  To anyone out there who is pitching or querying, it’s been said a million times before because it is good advice: Do your research!  Doing 5-10 minutes of research on your target, finding out their real name, their likes, and dislikes, looking at their twitter feed is well worth it.  The more personal my queries and pitches have been the more they have succeeded.   The publishing world and government are full of people who are no different from anywhere else, they want to be noticed and appreciated.

Happy Friday the 13th to everyone out there in the ether.  Stay safe and don’t party too hard. IMG_2990

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