Sh*t is about to get serious

For anyone who has seen my “process” of writing, they know when the paper goes up on the wall, things are getting serious.  Book one consisted of an entire wall in my guest bedroom covered in color-coordinated post-it notes.  Book two has taken a different turn. It has been moved into the Master Bedroom (as well as my writing desk), and I decided to cover the wall in butcher’s paper and use different colored markers instead of post-its.  The entire book will become a detailed outline on this wall that will help me see every aspect of the story and make future edits hella easier.  I am a plotter to the core (as opposed to a pantser).  I make a three-act outline, then a detailed outline, then I will have a scene/sequel outline, finally, I will sit down to write the words.  It seems like nothing organic could come out of this process when I finally sit down to write, but I PROMISE you it does.  Elan and Suvan never showed up in any outline ever and yet here they are. Things will morph and change and rearrange and that is what my wall of words is the most helpful for.  If something gets added or deleted at any point in time I can see the effect it will have on the whole story, instead of just trying to remember where that element may have been mentioned in other chapters.


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