Magic Mailing List

When I first started out, growing my mailing list was like running uphill in molasses.  It was hard, slow-going, and exhausting.  I participated in promotions, created some of my own, and even hired a few paid services to get my mailing list and newsletter out there.

For some strange reason for the past month, it’s been growing organically on its own by about 3-5 readers a day! I have no idea how or where it’s getting out there.  I like to think that a little bit of word-of-mouth is starting to generate around my book.

If you are visiting the website and not a part of my mailing list you can sign up here  When you sign up you get a free prequel called the Sins of Saint Anthony.  It’s a quick look at one of the past identities that Evangeline used to hide her powers.  If you just want the freebie but don’t want to sign up for the mailing list, I totally get it!  Here is the link if you just want the freebie  Enjoy!

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