Wow! I’m still alive. All kids are gifted

Good morning everyone!  I was inspired by a recent post by my publisher in which a fellow author made a bid for blogging.  I won’t go into detail but basically, the author made the argument that blogging was a pretty low energy, high payback way to reach readers and I thought “that’s me!” So I’m going to try an experiment.  I want to blog as much as I can for a month and see if it see a boost in traffic.  It will have terrible grammar and punctuation, I apologize in advance.  Here we go!

I’m sitting here in the middle of a tornado watch (as per usual this time of year in the south), blue skies and warm air (which is the problem apparently).  My daughter is beside me doing her homework and I was thinking about how often I hear from my parenting peers that their children are gifted.  I am having the same thought about my daughter, she’s gifted…I think.  I’m just in awe watching her proceed through a mountain of homework because there is no way I was doing this level of work at her age.  And maybe that’s it. When I compare 9yr old me to 9yr old her I certainly wasn’t doing this level of work. And that’s all I have right? I haven’t raised any other 9yr olds in the interim.  It is the perspective any of us has unless we have been school teachers.

I’m just trying to sit back and enjoy the ride.  She’s not always going to want me to sit with her while she does her homework.  She still thinks that I know everything, so I’ll bask in that glow while I can get it.  I’m sure my daughter will be fodder for many blogs. She is very gifted compared to me.

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