A review of Wildfire by Ilona Andrews

Fair warning, I hate sycophants but I am pretty close to becoming one for Ilona Andrews.  Pretty much anything she writes I love, with very few exceptions (sorry The Edge series, I tried to love you).  When the Hidden Legacy Series started I have to admit I was skeptical. I wondered how the move to straight up Paranormal Romance from Urban Fantasy would work. They are very closely related but some of their differences are what make me a huge fan of Urban Fantasy.  Suzanne Johnson has a great post on the differences here.

Wildfire is the third book in the series with promises of a fourth book, even if they have to self publish it.  The main protagonist Nevada Baylor runs her family’s Investigative Business with the help of a loving and quirky cast of family characters.   I continue to be amazed by Andrews ability to make me care about each and every one of her characters. One absolutely fabulous thing that I always notice about their books, it’s not ONE strong female character, it’s ALL of them.  Good and bad.  Nevada, her sisters, her mother, and both her grandmothers are all forces to be reckoned with.

In this installment Nevada finds herself up against a wall. She has hidden her top level or “prime” level magic poorly, and now enough people know about it that she has become a target. The only solution to protect herself and her family is to come out in the open and form a House, an open designation of two or more related Prime magic users.  Becoming a house complicates her romantic relationship with the most dangerous Prime in Houston, Mad Rogan.  In a society where magic matters, and especially passing that magic onto your children, her and Rogan may not be genetically compatible.

True to their writing style, Ilona Andrews moves a plot along!  You are never sitting there reading a bunch of exposition wondering what’s going to happen next.  They have a wonderful ability to form short-term, mid-term, and long-term plot points, investing you in a multitude of outcomes.  As soon as a small plot wraps up you want to gobble up the consequences to the other plots.  I consumed this book in one day.  When I started reading I couldn’t stop.  The romance line is very satisfying, maybe a little fast paced for your typical Urban Fantasy reader but I liked it.

If you haven’t read Burn for Me and White Hot, start there.  If you have read those two books then you won’t be disappointed in this one.  My only disappointment was that there was no Augustine Montgomery appearances in this book, I think he is a great foil to Rogan.

Final Assessment (Five diamond scale):

Character: ♦♦♦♦

Plot: ♦♦♦♦♦

Overall: ♦♦♦♦1/2 

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