marketing-with3DcoverWelcome to elliotparker.com, home of the urban fantasy author of Demon, Interrupted. A story of trust, betrayal, and divine power.

Hide or die.  Evangeline Lawson can find anything, except freedom.  A descendant of St. Anthony of Padua, the Patron Saint of lost articles, she has the supernatural ability to locate any missing object, car keys, missing dogs, children, as well as nuclear missiles, secret underground bunkers, and divine objects of power.  The only thing she can’t find is freedom from every power hungry treasure hunter.

Breadcrumbs left by her ancestors lead Evangeline to the doorstep of the world’s most morally ambiguous angel, Adrien.  Sure he can protect her, but he can also use her to find his way back into heaven.  The angel will use any means possible to force Evangeline to stop running and strengthen her abilities.

Abilities that Evangeline will need to fight the oldest and most powerful of demons.  Lilith has been hunting the St. Anthony lineage for hundreds of years, and will stop at nothing to turn Evangeline into her own personal divining rod. She needs Evangeline’s super charged GPS to find artifacts that can unleash hell on earth.

Evangeline swings like a pendulum.  Run and hide or fight?  Where she stops could determine the fate of mankind.


Elliot Parker is a 38 year old aspiring writer transplanted from the North into the Deep Deep South.  While having earned both a bachelors and master’s degree from The Ohio State University her day job is higher education.  Originally from a scientific research background, she incorporates her love for research and science into every story.  She is always looking for the perfect blend of creative and analytical.

Saint’s Kin

The world of Saint’s Kin is vast.  Every Catholic Patron Saint has potential descendants with powers.  Some good, some not so good.   Demon, Interrupted includes both Saint Anthony and St. Christopher’s descendants.  Want a first look inside this world? Download a free short story HERE and also sign up for my mailing list so you can be the first to receive news on the release later this year, including free chapters, swag and more!

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I absolutely LOVE to hear from readers and other writers.  If you feel so inclined drop me a line at authorelliotparker@gmail.com.